Join in on a global celebration on March 30, 2017 for the first-ever World Perspective Day.  It will be a day recognized worldwide that encourages the beautiful and diverse perspectives shared amongst people across the globe — giving each of us the opportunity to see the world through another perspective. It will be a day that helps us to remember that we are all, indeed, each human.

Using the hashtag #worldperspectiveday, we will unify this moment in time to celebrate a bigger picture narrative that includes global citizens everywhere. At the core, participants will learn about the importance of sharing their unique perspectives while also experiencing life through the lens of other people worldwide. To embrace that there is enough space on earth for how different and how similar we all are, and to honor, embrace, and foster understanding.

The images gathered online will become a stunning, collective narrative that portrays the diversity, complexity, and journey of the human race.

The World Perspective Day platform seeks to capture a rounded worldview that embodies how each perspective can experience hope, hardship, disappointment, joy, hurt, excitement, frustration, or anger through a multitude of differing looks, scenes, portraits, expressions, colors, among other compositional techniques. This day seeks to empower the beauty and strength that lives therein the hearts found behind each lens. 

Join in the narrative! Let's together create a space for the world to lean into the unlimited good we can generate together when we open ourselves up to listening, seeing, understanding, and respecting one another's perspectives.