Inspired by the mission of 100cameras, World Perspective Day is a movement.

Our students have taught us to recognize that the context of our narrative is woven into a larger thread. And that when we can each allow our perspectives to choose hope in our interactions instead of being gripped by the fears that can overwhelm or divide us, we can reach our full potential as an individual and as a human race.

100cameras is a 501c3 non-profit organization based in New York City that teaches kids around the world that their stories matter and helps them explore their narratives in the larger context of a global world. We teach our students how to share their perspectives through photography and then sell their images, empowering them to provide much needed educational, lifeline, and medical supplies for themselves and other community members. We have completed projects across the globe and have recently launched our Snapshot Project platform that equips photographers worldwide to implement their own project with a community they care about.