As the second annual World Perspective Day takes place on March 30th, we are bringing a new activation piece to the movement. We invite storytellers everywhere to join or host a meet-up in their city on Saturday, March 24th. Keeping the concept simple and open for interpretation, we encourage each host to make it a gathering that represents the rhythms of themselves and their community. 

Interested in hosting a meet-up? Learn how to host a meet-up in your area: 

Through these gatherings that will take place across international cities, people can connect in real life and engage in thoughtful interactions centered around the day’s purpose while knowing that others across borders are gathering alongside to do the same. Meet-up participants are asked join the narrative on March 30th by posting an image that represents their own story and tagging #WorldPerspectiveDay.


Join A Meet-Up

Details for each meet-up shown below along with additional cities coming soon: